Kepco Power Supplies

Kepco, Inc. is a 68 year old family-owned business headquartered in Flushing, Queens that designs and manufactures regulated DC power supplies and associated electronic equipment. Kepco’s mission is to supply high quality, reliable, power supplies and related electronic equipment that meet their customers’ needs, while maintaining meaningful employment for NYC residents.

Kepco was founded by four brothers who worked on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos during World War II, inventing and building reliable electronic instruments for highly classified projects. Upon their return to New York City in 1946, the brothers recognized an increasing market demand for electrical measuring devises and decided to start their own company.  Beginning production in their mothers Flushing Queens basement, the brothers built teaching aid devices attached to sophisticated power supplies.   After their first round of sales to engineering and electronics professors at educational institutions it became clear that the power supply itself was what their customers were looking for. 

Kepco’s power supplies are used in data communication, telecommunication, information technology and industrial electronics. They can be found anywhere from nuclear power plants to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange “People may not know who we are, but I’d bet they own at least one electronic device that was tested or manufactured using Kepco power supplies,” said Mark Kupferberg, Kepco’s Executive Vice President and son of one of Kepco’s founders.

Years ago, Kepco provided the city with an innovative solution for preventing false police and fire alarms by installing voice communication within police and fire boxes.  The internal power supply powers the speaker system. Prior to that the call boxes were wired through the city’s telegraph system and did not allow for direct communication with the dispatcher, resulting in a slew of false alarms from pranksters. Kepco’s system allowed the emergency dispatcher to actually speak with the caller directly, providing a critical public safety service. Directly following the attacks on 9/11, fire boxes powered by Kepco’s power supplies called in some of the first reports which allowed for a faster response to the crisis.

Today, Kepco operates out of an impressive 100,000 sq. foot space, where they research, develop, design, manufacture and distribute over 2,000 standard catalogue items. Kepco employs about 150 people who are evenly distributed between roles in production, engineering, management and administration. Production employees often come in with little experience and are provided with high quality on-the-job training.

Kepco is uniquely vertically integrated, which eliminates reliance on outside suppliers for their fabrication and design work. Kepco’s in-house fabrication technologies allow them to customize how they design and manufacture their products, changing certain aspects of production based on their customers’ specific needs.

This type of solutions based service continues to be a cornerstone of Kepco’s business practice. Flexibility is paramount given the diversity of Kepco’s customers, which span commercial, institutional, and military markets.

In addition to their flexibility, much of their success over the years can be attributed to Kepco’s dedication to innovation and invention. At the onset of their company, Kepco pioneered the development of modern power supplies, creating the first programmable power supply, the first bipolar power supply, and the concept of wide-band operational power supply. Today, the company continues to innovate in their industry, which is evidenced in the manufacturing space itself.

Equipment and manufacturing processes are continuously improved and retrofitted by Kepco’s dedicated employees. In fact, employees at Kepco frequently replace the power supplies in the equipment that they purchase with Kepco power supplies, which results in higher performance and increased yields. 

Today, the company is run by the sons of three-out-of-four founding brothers. It’s clear that Kepco’s mission to provide high quality products and excellent customer service was put in good hands.