Cityproof Corp.

INTERIOR WINDOW SYSTEMS FOR: Noise Reduction – Draft & Dirt Elimination – Thermal Control – Moisture Control – Humidity Control – Security;Privacy. For over 40 years, Cityproof has designed, manufactured and installed in excess of 30,000 custom made interior window and door systems in over 3,000 landmark and non-landmark buildings. Residential installations include apartments as well as homes, while commercial and institutional installations include banks, law firms, corporate offices, computer and data centers, hospitals, schools and recording studios. Cityproof Interior Windows are installed on the inside creating a “buffer zone” and seal between the exterior window and the Cityproof Window. The Cityproof system is “3 systems in 1″ providing maximum noise (up to 95%) elimination, 99% draft and dirt elimination, as wll as maximum thermal control (annual energy savings of up to 30%).