Keap Co.

Born out of a passion for good design and a frustration with being overcharged and underserved by existing candle brands, we’re on a mission to make candles better.

We’re re-thinking from the ground up how the scented candle buying experience should work today. By cutting out the middlemen and shipping directly to you, we can provide the highest quality scented candles, with thoughtful design and craftsmanship, at a wallet-friendly price. And by buying our candles, you allow us to fulfill our social mission: to bring affordable and sustainable light to families without access to the electrical grid (via our charitable partnership with SolarAid).

Keap. Candles made better!



Green Product Features

  • Contains significant amount of recycled content
  • Contains certified organic or sustainably harvested material / ingredients
  • Packaging contains significant amount of recycled content
  • Designed for disassembly, recycling, or is biodegradable
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