Join the Made in NYC Community

We’ve got the tools – and we’re happy to share them with you.

  • List your company on the Made in NYC website to expand your markets and reach more consumers as well as find local suppliers and contractors to extend into new supply chains.
  • Use the Made in NYC logo to educate consumers about their products.
  • Connect with the local manufacturing community.
  • Tap into the design and marketing expertise of Pratt Institute.

Made in NYC is open to manufacturers operating in the 5 boroughs of New York City. Listing your company is free and a great way to reach new customers. To become a member of Made In NYC businesses must:

  • Occupy industrial or commercial space.
  • Employ 1 full time employee or equivalent (Business owners can count as a full time employee).
  • Manufacture or contract to a manufacturer that is engaged in essential product transformation within the five boroughs of New York City.

Please verify that you are a NYC manufacturer to continue:

Do you certify that your company is located within the five boroughs of New York City and that employees in this New York City location are engaged in the manual, mechanical, electronic or chemical transformation of materials or substances into new products?

Once you create a profile, a Made in NYC staff member will contact you to verify your company’s eligibility and get you started with participating in our benefits.

We can’t wait to have your business become a part of our community of passionate
New Yorkers.

Note: Service providers are not eligible