About Manufacturing in NYC

Manufacturing in NYC presents a unique ecosystem of businesses engaged in the physical transformation of materials to products.  From high end fashion designers to elevator parts manufacturers  the range of businesses that operate within the five boroughs is immense.  These businesses are proud to continue the legacy of quality and innovation that NYC stands for.  Below is a brief description of each major industry category featured on Made In NYC.


The Construction sector includes manufacturers producing concrete, masonry, conveying systems, and electrical equipment among other products. Construction materials manufactured in the city by companies such as Melgrow Bufkin are used by architects and designers in projects like 1 Bryant Park and the Goldman Sachs offices in downtown Manhattan. Brooklyn based Capsys is taking the field of modular construction to new levels with their coordinated offsite production facility in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.



Building Interiors is one of the city’s largest economic sectors, home to companies manufacturing building-related products ranging from doors and windows to bed posts, chairs, and other home furnishings. New York City is home to some of the best wood workers and craftsmen in the country, and the products made here are of the highest quality. Manufacturers such Urban Green Furniture and Deborah Mills Woodworking operate proudly in NYC. Focusing on sustainability, many of our building interior companies are using eco-friendly resources, such as Forest Stewardship Council certified wood. Other companies are creating products that can help reduce excessive energy use from the City’s buildings, such as better insulated windows and doors.


Apparel & Jewelry

New York City has earned the title “Fashion Capital” not simply by the extraordinarily vibrant concentration of high-end designers, but because the industry has become a self-supporting ecosystem. From design to manufacture to retail, the entire process can happen within a few city blocks. Although it may appear to be cheaper to export the manufacturing overseas, having all of the necessary resources within an arm’s reach ensures the quality of the products and a better ability to respond quickly to market demands.

New York City Jewelry manufacturing is equally as renowned and is home to many businesses engaged in crafting jewelry from precious or semiprecious metal and stones. The process begins with design, and then continues to model making, casting, pre-polishing, assembly, gemstone setting and then to final polishing. Each step being carried out by a separate individual or firm. Workers in the industry are highly skilled, and receive most of their training through apprenticeships. Keeping jewelry manufacturing in New York allows the City to use local materials—and sell high-end products to a local market.

New York City is home to some of the most recognizable names in the Apparel & Jewelry industry but also to some of the hottest up and coming designers. Nanette Lepore, Hanky Panky, Eileen Fisher, and Alice Alan all manufacture products within the 5 boroughs .



NYC is a great big test kitchen in which people from 150 countries recreate home dishes and inspire new cuisines. Food manufacturing, or food processing, is the business of taking raw or supplied food materials and transforming them into new products. Specialty foods ranging from syrups to kale chips are produced by businesses large and small across the city, many of whom use local ingredients in their products.

You can find food products Made In NYC across the city and country. Brooklyn Brine, Robicelli’s, Brooklyn Brewery, and Mast Brothers Chocolates are just a few of the recognizable brands produced within the five boroughs.


Machinery & Metals

The fabricated metals manufacturing process involves the creation of metal shapes that can then be formed into other products, such as metal rolling doors or track lighting. Fabricated metal shapes can be created in a variety of ways, such as cutting, casting, bending, punching, and welding. Manufacturers may then treat the surface of the metal in order to prevent corrosion.

The industrial machinery manufacturing sector involves the creation of machines that typically apply some sort of mechanical force or do work, such as a combination of levers and gears to accomplish a task. The end result is a highly complex machine, meaning that this industry requires skilled and experienced workers

A wide variety of complex products can be made from these formed metal shapes. These can be used in automotive manufacturing, aviation, electronics, medical needs, signage, and decoration. Many other industries in the city such as small businesses and construction companies need custom metalwork available, which makes these industries an important part of NYC’s manufacturing landscape.



Although the world is moving away from printed documents and toward more digital forms of communication, printing remains an essential resource for the City. Businesses still need printers for large scale billboards, business cards, flyers, book binding, and commercial printing. Having printing firms close to the businesses that need them allows for quick turnaround—a must-have in NYC’s market.

You can find businesses like Digital Arts & Graphics Inc that offer services including high tech digital printing as well as full service print and design companies like Match Fine Print listed in Printing.



New York City is known for its uniqueness and the city’s manufacturers are no different. The Other sector is home to a variety of manufacturing businesses that don’t quite fall into any of the above categories. Featuring items ranging from Carry Hot USA’s signature thermal delivery bags to beauty supplies and cosmetics produced by Delbia Do, you are guaranteed to be surprised by what you find!