New Yorker Bagels

Welcome to the WORLD’S LARGEST WHOLESALE BAKER OF FRESH BAKED BAGELS. We have provided decades of dependable service to many of New York’s oldest and most reliable distributors, including the finest and best known cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.
All our bakery products are fresh, never frozen, and use only the finest all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. We pride ourselves on our superbly crafted recipes, unsurpassed baking processes and excellent quality control.
We offer competitive pricing and one-stop shopping for all your baked needs. Our location in Long Island City, NY allows timely and convenient delivery to thousands of clients in every borough of New York City and the adjacent areas.
We provide the most reliable baked delivery in the New York Metro area. We bake 24/7. Delivery is available 24/7. New Yorker Bagels has been making the best bagels in New York for over 30 years. We started in a small storefront in Astoria, Queens, in 1981. Now, New Yorker Bagels is the largest baker of daily fresh-baked water bagels in the world. We bake more than 15,000 dozen bagels a day, 365 days a year. 718-204-1700

Green Company Operations

  • Highly energy efficient or certified by a recognized energy rating system
  • Highly water efficient
  • Well-developed, environmentally responsible waste management system

Green Product Features

  • Contains certified organic or sustainably harvested material / ingredients