Our Mission


Made In NYC’s mission is to support a vibrant manufacturing sector in New York City. Local manufacturing encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, creates employment opportunities for New York’s extraordinarily diverse workforce and gives the city much of its character and soul.

New York City is home to 5,700 small and medium manufacturers employing 78,000 people. They make everything from pianos (Steinway in Queens) and landing gear for spacecraft (Vahl in Brooklyn) to food, fashion, and furnishings which are the largest sectors within NYC manufacturing. What this incredibly diverse community has in common is a commitment to producing high-quality, high-value products, often customized to meet the needs of particular consumers.


Consumers can use Made in NYC to:

  • Shop directly from local manufacturers;
  • Find the latest in food, fashion, furnishings and other products from emerging designers;
  • Reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development by buying local; and
  • Create jobs in your community.


Manufacturers can use Made In NYC to:

  • Expand their markets and reach more consumers;
  • Find local suppliers and contractors;
  • Extend into new supply chains; 
  • Use the Made In NYC logo to educate consumers about their products;
  • Connect with the local manufacturing community to stay abreast of news and best practices, and 
  • Tap into the design and marketing expertise of Pratt Institute faculty and students to help strengthen their own skills.


Manufacturing and a Sustainable City

Local manufacturing is essential to an environmentally sustainable city. Cities can either truck in all the products they need to survive and truck out their waste, or they can begin to “close the loop” by encouraging the recycling and re-use of products which have finished their original planned life. We need to phase out polluting and unproductive waste transfer stations by diverting hundreds of tons of glass, plastics, fabric, metals, cardboard, wood and building materials away from landfills and into supply chains for new industries.” In addition, because urban manufacturers are located near their markets, they can work with their customers and designers to develop new, environmentally responsible products, a trend particularly apparent in the development of green building materials, fashion and furnishings. Made in NYC highlights companies that are adopting sustainable business strategies to help consumers make environmentally responsible purchasing decisions.



Made in NYC (MINYC), an initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development was created to support a vibrant manufacturing sector in New York City.

The Pratt Center for Community Development has worked for the past 50 years for a more just, equitable and sustainable city for all New Yorkers by empowering communities to plan for and realize their futures. As part of Pratt Institute, we leverage professional skills in planning, policy analysis, and advocacy to support community-based organizations in their efforts to improve neighborhood quality of life, attack the causes of poverty and inequality, and advance sustainable development. Visit us at www.prattcenter.net.

Founded in 1887, Pratt Institute is a global leader in higher education dedicated to preparing its 4,700 undergraduate and graduate students for successful careers in art, design, architecture, information and library science, and liberal arts and sciences. Located in a cultural hub with historic campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Pratt is a living lab of craft and creativity with an esteemed faculty of accomplished professionals and scholars who challenge their talented students to transform their passion into meaningful expression.



Support for Made in NYC is provided by generous funding from the NYC City Council.

“The Council provided this funding because the City’s economic development strategies need to focus on good jobs with decent wages and career paths,” said Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito. “By better linking manufacturers with design, marketing, and management expertise through MINYC we can help these companies continue to grow and thrive here in New York City.”

Additional funding has come from Citi Community Development, New York City Council, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, and Zazzle.


Founding Members

Made In NYC is generously supported by its founding members. Founding members are Made In NYC manufacturers who believe in the ideals and vision of Made In NYC and urban manufacturing. They are leaders in their industries and contribute to the successes and achievements of the Made In NYC Program.

Nanette Lepore, Yeohlee Teng, IceStone, Hanky Panky, CarryHot USA, Steve’s Key Lime Pies, Brooklyn Brewery