Sasha Primak

Quality & Craftsmanship Sasha Primak is a full-service jewelry manufacturer—conflict-free diamonds are hand-selected by our expert gemologists, our proprietary hypoallergenic metals are cast on the premises in our internationally renowned precious metals foundry, and all jewelry is exclusively produced here in our New York City design studio. All finished jewelry is carefully inspected by our knowledgeable and experienced quality control department to ensure that you are getting a product that Sasha Primak fully stands behind. Old World, New World For more than 30 years, Sasha Primak has been creating breathtaking diamond jewelry for tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Even today, Sasha personally oversees his signature jewelry production process—a fusion of old-world Russian and Italian craftsmanship combined with the most cutting-edge technological innovations of our time. Customization & Innovation Sasha Primak provides you with the tools you need to customize unique expressions of love, commitment, and creativity and connects you with an authorized Sasha Primak jewelry store in your area for convenient and authentic shopping experiences. Our advanced “Design Your Own” tool allows you to easily personalize jewelry by selecting diamond(s), choosing your favorite metal, and engraving something special. For higher levels of personalization, contact one of our diamond jewelry experts to create a design of exquisite beauty that will be uniquely yours. All Sasha Primak jewelry is proudly American made using only the finest conflict-free materials. Our unbelievably low employee turnover rate demonstrates how important it is for us to keep American talent and support our local community. A highly reputable level of quality and skilled craftsmanship can be seen in every item we manufacture, whether it’s a basic solitaire or a stunning masterpiece.  

Green Company Operations

  • Highly water efficient
  • Well-developed, environmentally responsible waste management system

Green Product Features

  • Contains significant amount of recycled content
  • Contains certified organic or sustainably harvested material / ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Packaging contains significant amount of recycled content
  • Sustainably mined metals (low arsenic/lead emissions)