Vint&York Eyewear

At Vint & York, we hold the view that expressing oneself is a right rather than a privilege. Trying on different looks is one of the simplest ways to enjoy life – but a perfect pair of fashion-forward eyeglasses shouldn’t cost a fortune. Our high-quality, catchy frames at temptingly low prices guarantee that your look won’t be left unnoticed. The spirit of the 1920s is something we draw our inspiration from – the style, the atmosphere and the good old-fashioned resourcefulness of the Americans. It’s a felt fedora with a downturned brim or the sound of Louie Armstrong’s trumpet. It’s the New York skyline dominated by the Chrysler Building or the excitement of watching a full-color sound film. It’s the voice from the recently invented radio or the stroke of a surrealist’s brush. All these special lines, textures and saturated colors are recreated by Vint & York for you to be able to experience that joie de vivre that was the highlight of Jay Gatsby parties. Our eyewear frames are designed in the city of New York and benefit from top-quality acetate that is both durable and stylish – it meets all the requirements one sets for a high-fashion eyewear piece. Perfect value for money. Besides, with Vint & York it’s easy to find out what looks the most flattering one you: make use of our Frame Trial option to be able to choose from up to five frame designs selected from our vast collection of styles. Make your choice in a laid-back atmosphere of your living room and share your try-on experience with your nearest and dearest. Find your pair of frames that is the one, or complete each of your outfits with a different frame design. Try them out. Pick your favorite. Rock your neighborhood.

Green Company Operations

  • Highly energy efficient or certified by a recognized energy rating system
  • Highly water efficient
  • Well-developed, environmentally responsible waste management system

Green Product Features

  • Contains alternatives to highly toxic or ozone depleting substances
  • Nontoxic and low VOC emitting inks/dyes/bleaching processes
  • Contains significant amount of recycled content
  • Contains certified organic or sustainably harvested material / ingredients
  • Packaging contains significant amount of recycled content
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