Made In NYC Celebrates Black History Month Styling with Purpose: The Gwen Beloti Collection

Made In NYC Celebrates Black History Month Styling with Purpose: The Gwen Beloti Collection

Tuesday, February 5 2019

Gwen Beloti is a Brooklyn native and NYC-based designer who is changing the face of charitable fashion. Her designs seamlessly fuse the spirit and values of her beloved NYC with a wider global community, yielding collections that boldly celebrate beauty and diversity.

For Gwen, it was never just about the clothing. She found at young age that her style was heavily influenced by accessorizing in an effort to make a creative statement. Most of us – both men and women —  can relate. She started investing in eye-catching accessories, friendly one-size-fits-all items which, unlike clothing, didn’t discriminate by size . She fell in love with the options accessorizing opened up and found that she enjoyed the experience of creating, building, and styling beyond the garment.

Now, 10 years later, since founding her namesake line the Gwen Beloti Collection , Gwen continues to capture feminine silhouettes that are versatile and can transition from day to night. Gwen believes in providing her customers with options, some that she didn’t always have. She’s also recognized for her philanthropic efforts including  Prom Dress to Impress™ and her partnership with acclaimed non-profit  Little Dresses for Africa (LDFA).  She organizes the annual  “100 Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa” event  in which student and adult volunteers from across NYC produce clothing out of pillowcases or recycled fabric to provide relief to vulnerable children throughout Africa and beyond. Gwen and her team of volunteers have produced over 400 dresses to date.

And she doesn’t stop there. Gwen is also launching her Spring 2019 #HER campaign,  a celebration of real women living real lives. The campaign will showcase a NYC native and everyday woman modeling her new line.

”At Gwen Beloti Collection we want to do more than just design clothes that make our girls look and feel beautiful… we want to build an engaging community.” – Gwen Beloti


We’re proud to highlight Gwen Beloti and her work as part of Made In NYC’s Black History Month celebration.


Get Involved with Gwen:
100 Dresses for LDFA:
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Private Trunk Show: To host a custom trunk show in your home or business click here

#HER Campaign: To submit to be a model for Gwen’s Spring #HER campaign click here