A New Day, A New Dawn NYC, LLC.

Jewelry Handmade in the Bronx, by a Harlem girlnnA New Day, A New Dawn NYC (And And NYC), is a Bronx-based hand-crafted jewelry company owned and operated by Andrea. All of the pieces are made with love and joy. We create wearable art that make women and men look and feel fly.nnAt And And NYC, we are obsessed with textures and patterns. We utilize responsibly sourced fair-trade African beads and fabrics, natural materials such as cruelty-free beetle wings or snake vertabrae, gemstones and various metals to create unique pieces. nnWhat’s in a Name?nnAnd And NYC, is an acronym for ‘A New Day, A New Dawn’. It\'s a play on words from Nina Simone\'s song \"Feeling Good\", one of the designers favorite songs. nnEach collection has a distinct name. They are names of people Andrea holds near and dear to her heart. The Inez Loops, Leona’s Cabochons, and Jessie Hoops are named after her three deceased grandmothers, respectively. The Taliferro and Parham Collections are named after her deceased grandfathers, respectfully. The Mary Dots are named after her mom. The Monét Collection is named after her sister, while the Rone Collection is named after her brother. Jediah’s Oddities are the designer’s namesake.nnPeace and BlessingsnnPsalms 90:17 (NIV)

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Whole Foods Markets:
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Uncommon Goods
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