Adaptive Design Association Inc.

A nonprofit that engages the community in making custom assistive solutions using low-cost materials (triple-wall cardboard, white glue, assistive switches) and locally appropriate techniques (cardboard carpentry, appropriate paper-based technology, basic 3-D printing). These include solutions that promote academic performance, recreation, better positioning, self-care, work-readiness, and play. We are the only place that builds and teaches how to build custom assistive solutions using low-cost materials like triple-wall cardboard and simple tools. Our 5-member fabrication and education team has between 5-30 years of experience working with people with disabilities, specifically designing and building custom adaptations, and educating community members of all backgrounds and abilities in cardboard carpentry and adaptive design. Adaptive Design Association was founded in 1998 by Alex Truesdell, a 2015 MacArthur Fellow, to help reform how we react to and treat people living with disabilities in healthcare, schools, workplaces, and community settings.

Made in Manhattan

We are currently offering virtual tours! In addition to the basic tour, we offer hands-on learning opportunities to share our techniques in cardboard carpentry and how we apply it to adaptive design.

Adaptive Design Association Inc.
313 West 36th Street
Manhattan, NY 10018

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