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Alchemy Paintworks is dedicated to providing the highest quality spray coatings for artists and the design industry, specializing in paint finishing for metal sculpture as well as repair and restoration. As a trusted source for artists, galleries, auction houses and conservators, we’re committed to executing the perfect finish. Our highly skilled team has helped realize and conserve the visions of some of the world’s most innovative contemporary artists, including Urs Fischer, Carol Bove and Sol LeWitt.
Alchemy combines tried and true methods with cutting edge technologies to accomplish any level of finish an artist’s project requires. Stressing the importance of durability through proper paint processes, Alchemy ensures that clients have access to the most up to date research on paint and primer technology, water based solutions and finishing techniques. We’re passionate about precision and understand that what applies to one piece may not apply to another: this is why we emphasize partnership throughout, working closely with artists or production managers to arrive at solutions both specific and creative.
Prior to founding Alchemy in 2009, Jason Brown worked for nearly a decade at Jeff Koons’ studio, where he was integral in establishing and managing Koons’ state of the art sculpture painting facility. While there he worked with many of the pioneers of art fabrication, researched extensively in painting techniques, surface preparations, refining automotive paint processes and other industrial technologies for art applications. Since Alchemy’s inception Brown has been proud to work with a variety of renowned artists and designers. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

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