Anita's Yogurt

Globally, the average coconut farmer makes less than $1 per day. But we can change that together. In 2020, our plain coconut yogurt became the first 100% Fair Trade Certified® yogurt in the world. As a fair trade brand, we ensure that working conditions, quality of life and pay for the workers in our supply chain meet fair trade standards. We also pay a premium on every gallon of coconut milk we buy that goes into a community development fund for the coconut farmers and workers. They decide collectively how to allocate those funds in their community, like as a free school lunch program in Quezon City, Philippines.

Anita's is the original coconut yogurt, made in Brooklyn since 2013 with only Fair Trade Certified® coconut and over 300 billion live probiotic cultures per serving. Founded by a vegan chef, the yogurt was created to use in cooking. But most fans enjoy our luxurious texture and authentic yogurt flavor straight from the carton.

Anita's yogurt is a Latinx owned and operated urban manufacturing business, and is a certified Women Owned Small Business. Our additive-free vegan products are available coast-to-coast, and for Nationwide shipping from

Made in Brooklyn

Anita's Yogurt
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