They were imperfect, they weren't packaged, and they were oddly shaped. But they made us fall in love with ingredients, manufacturing, and scent. Years later we were still hustling, working multiple jobs, and selling our soaps and candles at flea markets in Brooklyn when a miracle happened. An unassuming man dropped his card at our booth and told us he wanted to place a wholesale order. Little did we know we would be introduced to the world overnight in West Elm's across the country. Since then we have grown our expertise, our scents, and our love for making beautiful products for everyone we possibly can.

Made in Brooklyn

At Apotheke we believe scent can transform a house into a home, elevate our mood, and help keep memories alive. We believe fragrance can be simple yet captivating, and products should be beautiful, meaningful, and attainable. We believe that the simplest moments should be relished and appreciated.

48 Coffey St
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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