B.A.B.E of Brooklyn

B.A.B.E. of Brooklyn Apothecary & Barbershop.
B.A.B.E of Brooklyn is a grooming and personal care line committed to enhancing the lives of men and women with organic/premium handcrafted goods. Our products range from beard-care, skin, hair, body, and shave. From the 1960’s on Franklin Street Brooklyn with our mother who worked as a licensed Cosmetologist to our family’s barbershop in Boston, we were driven to create a product line that would benefit the user. We are a family company; committed to equality, diversity, and sustainability based out of Brooklyn USA.

Retail Stores

We retail in local spas, barbershops, design spaces and menswear location around the 5 Boroughs. Most of the stores are closed based on the pandemic. We have be relying on e-commerce to continue to get the product to the people that have been supporting us.


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