Biltmore Trunk Mfg. Corp.

In the fine tradition of old world craftsmanship, Biltmore Trunk Mfg. Corp. has been producing trunks for over 70 years. Over the years, we have added luggage to our superior line, continuing our attention to fine detail, sturdy construction, and aesthetic-based design. Our commitment to providing fast, reliable service as well as competitive pricing, has made us a leader in the industry. All Biltmore Hard Trunk products are proudly made in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Started in the beginning of 1945, a monumental time in our country’s history, a father and his two sons opened Biltmore Trunk in Brooklyn, NY. This era was the heyday for the steamer trunk and foot locker industry. After the war ended, the third brother, Bernard “Barney” Singer returned from service and joined his family at Biltmore. Barney’s son-in-law, Frank - current owner and CEO of Biltmore, has since carried on the business which has lasted seven decades. We are, as of recently, a 4th generation family owned business, as we taken on the social media realm with the help of Frank’s daughter. Whether you need a trunk for camp, college dorms, military, shipping, traveling or your home decor, Biltmore Trunk has the product for you! Timeless old fashion look, hand-built construction, quality that’ll last for life. Depend on a company you can trust, from our family to yours.

Made in Brooklyn

Biltmore Trunk Mfg. Corp.
850 Shepherd Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11208

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