Cali & Dana

Cali & Dana is an inclusive clothing brand designed to disrupt fashion standards for curvy petite women. Despite the fact that 35% of women are under 5’4 and the average waist size is 37.8 inches, the fashion industry continues to champion an unattainable body image. These statistics and lifelong personal struggles inspired us to create a collection of jeans designed for curvy petite women who are often neglected in the industry and bring to life comfortable staple pieces that embody authenticity and confidence.

While Cali & Dana launched with its curvy petite jeans, it has since expanded to tops, sweatshirts, throws, dresses and accessories. Our latest launch includes Ankara fabric purchased from Alna Textile in Harlem, New York. The Brooklyn Dress is made with Sustainable Bamboo Cotton Jersey fabric saved from landfill by FabScrap and is made locally in Brooklyn, New York.

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