Cantina Royal Hot Sauce

Cantina Royal Gourmet is the first foray into food products for Executive Chef Julio MM and Restauranteur Diana Beshara. Born out of years of collaboration in their Williamsburg, Brooklyn Mexican restaurant Cantina Royal, their initial line of Hot Sauces are as bold and inventive as they are.

After constant urging from their dedicated fans who come in to the restaurant for the ever changing array of fresh, housemade Hot Sauces, they have turned a part of their industrial kitchen into a manufacturing plant to keep strict quality control over their gourmet, small batch hot sauces and finishing sauces. Born out of the mind of Executive Chef, Julio MM (Winner, Hot & Spicy International Iron Chef), they've taken 5 of their bestsellers and made them available beyond the scope of their restaurant.

These five powerfully-flavored sauces leverage 8 types of fresh and dried chiles from Mexico and inspired spicing. Absolutely no artificial preservatives, colors or chemicals are used. These Hot Sauces aren't just spicy for spicy's sake, they are all about an exploration of the actions of different chiles. They are flavor-packed roller coaster rides on the palette, and each one has a totally different profile and effect on your body. Born out of a foodservice background, they are excellent for cooking and food pairings.

Made in Brooklyn

Product tasting of the full line, along with other hot sauce creations that are not available on the shelf yet, can be done any night from 4pm-12pm at Cantina Royal Restaurant & Bar
58 N 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Cantina Royal Hot Sauce
58 N 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11210

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