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Custom products have never looked so good. caseable is a young, urban company offering custom products for laptops, kindles, iPads, e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and more. At caseable, you are the designer. Create your own case in our custom tool directly from our website, or select from our ever-growing collection of in house designs and artist collections. Upload photos, add text, select your add-on features, and more. Here at caseable, everyone receives "Products that matter to you." Local production allows caseable to be involved in the development of every case ordered. With central offices located in Brooklyn, NY and Berlin, Germany, caseable is able to directly connect to our consumers and urban market. We pay special attention to product quality and materials. All our products are - to the greatest extent possible - made from durable recycled materials. For example, we try to source only green neoprene for our laptop sleeves and also the strong cardboard in our iPad and Kindle cases is recycled. Oh, and our iPhone cases are made from recycled plastic bottles! Poor design cannot be disguised with aesthetics, no matter how awesome the graphics or how amazing the photos. That's why we spend many hours thinking about how our products should be designed and where to improve over and over again. This focus on detailed, functional design is reflected in everything we do. Creativity cannot exist without a source of inspiration. In order to foster your artistic abilities and help you create truly unique products, we created "caseable x," a collaboration project with a hand-picked group of artists from North America and Europe. Use their work and make it part of your daily life or simply feel inspired.

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caseable Brooklyn
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