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CATHERINE ISKIW DESIGNS Originally from Edmonton, Alberta Canada, Catherine Iskiw graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1984 with a bachelor's degree in interior design. She relocated to New York soon after. During a ten-year career designing corporate interiors in Manhattan, she returned to an earlier interest in jewelry design as a more personal means of expression. Catherine officially launched her business in 1996 in the New Designer Gallery at the JA Show in New York. Catherine's jewelry is influenced by her interest in modern design expressed by machine aesthetics. Creating models using CAD now adds a new level to her design process. Her line ranges from platinum or palladium wedding rings to blackened silver pendants and earrings. Her jewelry is inspired by clarity of design and the simplicity of pure geometric forms. "The best designs are often the simplest," says Iskiw. "If I can achieve elegance in a very clean design then I feel that I have created something special."

Made in Brooklyn

Catherine Iskiw Designs
8801 5th Ave. #90963
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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