City Saucery

City Saucery is a food manufacturing company born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, founded in 2011 by Michael Marino, a Brooklyn native, his mom ‘Nonna’ Carolina, from Calabria, Italy, and his partner Jorge, from Caracas, Venezuela.

This modern family business is inspired by the Italian matriarch: Nonna ("grandmother" in Italian) and is on a mission to redefine the American pantry by offering unique, healthy and delicious sauces and condiments of the highest quality cooked with techniques true to the Slow Food way of cooking, just like Nonna has always done in her home kitchen.

Their line of artisanal tomato sauces, condiments and seasonal preserved “ugly” tomatoes are all made by hand at their facility in Brooklyn, New York.

Made in Brooklyn

City Saucery
80 58th St, Suite 302
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Retail Stores

Find us at Union Square Greenmarket, weekly. Tomato Nduja can be found at Whole Foods Market, NYC

Whole Foods Market
214 3rd St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Greene Grape Provisions
767 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Union Square Greenmarket
E 17th St
Manhattan, NY 10003

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