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Crop to Cup Coffee Importers is a Brooklyn-based seller of green (raw/unroasted) coffee to roasting businesses and home coffee roasting enthusiasts. The Green Coffee Showroom in Gowanus, Brooklyn includes a coffee quality evaluation lab (green grading and coffee cupping) and offers green coffee for sale in full sacks (132+ lbs) and split bags (2lb-66lb), as well as coffee roasting equipment. All products are also available for purchase through our website, Every coffee has a story to tell. It starts with the farmer, who translates wind and rain, soil and sun, into a sensational array of sugars and acidity, body and balance. And it continues from the crop to the cup, engaging and celebrating every actor in between. As Crop to Cup Coffee Importers, we complete the story by carrying it back to the farm in the form of pride and recognition, learning and improvement. And the cycle continues year after year, with the power to energize your menu, educate your staff and engage your customers. On our website you will find photos, facts and figures that you can use to enhance your own story of why you select a certain coffee. You can tell that story on your bag labels, your cup sleeves, your website, your newsletters, and - most importantly - in your daily conversation. It's how you help keep the cycle of storytelling alive. Of course, some roasters need to be even more hands-on. If that's you, we are here to facilitate. Support a program in the local coffee community. Join us on a trip to origin. Or just send along messages from your customers. There are many ways to get involved, just let us know you're interested. Email or call us, or use the simple form below. Tell us a story. Everyone in coffee has a story to tell too. This could be about the first coffee or coffeehouse that opened your eyes to what great coffee could be. Or, it could be the experience that pushed you down the path where coffee is your life and livelihood. Share your come to coffee

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