Factory 8

We offer the intimacy and convenience that come hand in hand with local manufacturing, including specialized customer service to fit your company's needs. At Factory8 we work diligently and efficiently to personify the benefits of domestic production for our clients. We have found that keeping the sample to production process in our backyard is not only more affordable, but enables more timely turnaround, increased involvement and improved innovation. As an entirely in-house, full-service operation, the Factory8 is proud to provide: Project management; Product development; Sample consultation; First pattern; Fitting; Sample through production; Marking and grading; Cut and sew; Quality Control; and Finishing. Since the Factory8 is all in-house, we offer unparalleled control of production which allows it to flow through a system without numerous independent hands accepting lack of responsibility. At Factory8, we always have our sights set on styles going into production. We like to think of it as engineering your design. Starting from the very beginning of the process we develop a system, asking questions that a standard sample house would not. The production experience at Factory8 is one of planning and confirmation through completion. Things change when you are producing multiples, so having a base plan that may change is the only constant.

Made in Manhattan

Factory 8
265 West 37th Street, Room 2308
Manhattan, NY 10018

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