Fanmail is a line of modern, sustainable wardrobe essentials made in NYC. Transparency From Fiber to Finished Garment Fanmail is committed to a new kind of manufacturing: Transparency From Fiber to Finished Garment. It's about knowing where your clothes come from and what they're made of. Each of our unique fabrics is chosen for luxurious texture and sustainability. Our tanks, tees, and sweatshirts are cut and sewn in Greenpoint, Brooklyn so that we can visit the factory regularly and ensure the finest quality. Our Sources More and more restaurants print menus that include information on the suppliers of the food they cook with. Why not do the same with clothing? Fabric Our organic cotton-hemp jersey, organic cotton-hemp French terry, and 100% hemp jersey are supplied by one of the first mills in China to join the Fair Wear Foundation, an organization that that employs third-party testing to ensure fair labor practices. The organic cotton is third-party certified by the Global Organic Trade Standard (GOTS). Fanmail buys organic cotton rib and mesh from a supplier that works with a community of growers and mills within 100 miles of Asheville, NC. The fabric adheres to GOTS standards and supports the local economy of one of America's few remaining textile manufacturing regions. Dyeing All colors are custom-dyed in Los Angeles, 10 miles from where most of our fabric is warehoused. We use fiber-reactive dyes and enzyme wash our fabric for softness. Manufacture Greenpoint, Brooklyn is where the magic happens. Located in the Greenpoint Design and Manufacturing Center, we visit our factory regularly throughout the production process to ensure our perfect tees are indeed perfect.

Made in Brooklyn

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