Feel Good Chocolates

Feel Good Chocolates handcrafted superfood chocolates that touches all senses with its vibrant colors and flavorful indulgence. A revolutionary chocolate experience that is healthier, dairy-free and with zero refine sugar, and more superfood nutrient-packed ingredients than other chocolate options. nnMade with 70%+ organic fair trade cold-pressed cacao, honey, super fruits and superfood. Flavors include: Matcha + Cacao Nibs, Blueberry + Honeycomb, Goji + Almond, Dragon Fruit + Black Sesame, Raspberry + Crispy Quinoa, Beetroot + Walnut, and more. nnIt is called \"Feel Good\", because it delivers a great experience inside and out. This healthier and extraordinarily delicious chocolate will make you feel good at first sight and first taste. We are also committed to giving back by only using biodegradable packaging and supporting youth in disadvantaged communities, and that is definitely a feel good! nnTry it now, you will love it, kids will love it, and with the holidays just around the corner it is the perfect gift for friends and family. Find us online @feelgoodchocolatesnyc (Instagram), feelgoodchocolatesnyc.com, select retail stores, and seasonal markets/festivals in NY.

Made in Queens

Feel Good Chocolates
36-46 37th Street
Queens, NY 11101

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