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Fine Print was born out of a necessity for consistent excellence in printing. It was founded on the collaborative efforts of creative thinkers, craftsmen and designers with an eye for detail, who wanted an extra level of control over the printing process.

What began as an internal need for quality began to spread, by word of mouth, until the company developed a reputation as a premium supplier of printing and design services. Before long, the client list had grown to include some of the top names in the corporate and fashion industries.

We work diligently to maintain the quality, integrity and innovation on which our success is built. Experience has shown us that there are more perfectionists out there like us, who understand the value of presentation and appreciate honest work, rather than excuses.

Made in Manhattan

Fine Print NYC
315 Madison Avenue
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Retail Stores

Printing your own wallpaper/mural provides an excellent opportunity to Think Big, giving your ideas room to grow and proving effective in a variety of spaces:

Galleries, Museums & Creative Projects
Hotels, Restaurants & Retail Spaces
Schools, Hospitals & Municipal Venues
Home Decoration & Ambience

Self-adhesive stock makes installation fast and simple. Surfaces are non-toxic and easy to clean. We also offer stocks which are easy to uninstall where a temporary installation is desired. Perfect for apartments or rentals.

Printing Wall Graphics is Easy & Straightforward
Our primary goal is to make your wallpaper ordering experience as simple and stress-free as possible. We will preflight and double check your files to ensure that everything is set up correctly for high resolution printing.

About Our Wall Covering Materials
Our digital process works with a vinyl substrate which is treated to form a strong adhesive bond on primed surfaces, while delivering vibrant colors and durable, high resolution graphics.

Our wallpaper comes with installation-ready adhesive that is already applied on the backing – a protective layer that must be peeled before installation. We also stock traditional wall coverings without adhesive applied on the back.

Designed for Short & Long Term Installations
On a surface that is properly primed and sealed, our wall coverings can last for decades without peeling or fading – making it ideal solution for any space.

It is also commonly used in galleries, museums and pop-up shops for temporary installations that are easy to remove without damaging the underlying surface.
Please review our Wall Preparation Tips for more information.

High Resolution That Captures Every Detail
Whether it’s a scenic panorama, logos or decorative patterns, our 1440 pixel per inch resolution ensures that your graphics are clearly printed to the finest detail.
Please review our File Preparation Tips for more information.

Ecological & Environmentally Friendly
Our wallcovering media is eco-friendly and ensures air quality
PVC free & Low VOC emission
No Lead, No Plasticizers, No Heavy Metals
Mold Resistant & Class “A” fire rating
Made of at least 31% recycled post-consumer waste


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