Gwen Beloti

Gwen is a Brooklyn native and creative. She has always loved fashion and all things stylish - clothes, jewels, shiny pens, cool notebooks, you name it. At a young age her style was heavily influenced by accessorizing. Shopping for clothing wasn’t always easy. Gwen found it difficult to find stylish clothing that fit well as her weight often fluctuated. As a result she fell in love with jewelry and used accessories to make statements with her look.

Gwen would come to teach herself that art of design in order to combat the issues that she had with fit. She relied heavily on accessories and her experience as a long-time consumer first, and trained designer second - is the foundation of the collection today.

The Collection is an assortment of golden jewels designed for everyday wear; minimalist styles that are accessible, inclusive, and luxe. The brand\'s extended size offering and quality guarantee are a testament to its commitment to providing a lasting style experience that inspires their customer.

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