Gwen Beloti

A Brooklyn native and creative. Gwen has always loved fashion and all things stylish - clothes, jewels, shiny pens, cool notebooks, you name it. For the girl who loved fashion, shopping - for apparel in particular - wasn't always easy, as she had dealt with body image insecurities for much of her life.

Before designing her own apparel line that would accommodate some of her concerns, Gwen relied heavily on accessories to make statements with her look. At a young age her style was influenced a great deal by accessorizing. Gwen's experience as a long-time consumer first, and trained designer second - is the foundation of the collection today.

An assortment of golden toned jewels that can be worn stand-alone or layered and stacked. We design and source pieces and materials in line with our commitment to offer quality items equipped to accent or complete your everyday look.

Our pieces are mainly gold filled, with a selection of brass and gold dipped items.
Affordable luxury that you can maximize. Our collection is produced primarily here in the United States.

Gwen's personal journey and experience with fashion is what brought her to create her own collection.

Initially self taught Gwen later pursued formal training at the Fashion Design Training Studio and the New York School of Design under the tutelage of FIT professors after completing her Master's Degree in Psychology. These outlets further developed her talent and provided her with the skills needed to create her collection.
Gwen used her personal experience as a consumer turned designer to curate her line. Her creativity and passion to create is poured into every piece.

Gwen's foundation in apparel design forged her relationship with the non-profit organization Little Dresses for Africa in 2010. After working with the organization for a few years, Gwen later formed her own initiative in support of the organization, 100 Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa. Gwen organizes a group of volunteers every year to assist with making and designing 100 dresses for little girls across the globe who need them. The project is currently funded primarily by Gwen Beloti Collection. A portion of every sale helps to fund the initiative. In theory and in practice Gwen Beloti customers are key contributors in serving the community.

On June 29, 2019 the brand hosted its 5th Annual 100 Dresses for Little Dresses for Africa Project and has now made and donated over 500 plus dresses. The 2020 event date will be announced soon. Learn more

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