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Over the past 50 years furniture and products have undergone massive change in their role within our lives and societies. These objects used to be made with a sense of enduring construction out of a necessity of the times. Our ancestors and grandparents generation mostly had furniture made out of solid wood that is still around today and still continues to be passed down within circles of families and friends, often regarded with a special kind of love and reverence.
Fast-forward to the present and we see very little solid wood/well built furniture still being made. It has been replaced in favor of cheaply made “disposable” furnishings often glued together and coated in toxic chemicals before being shipped out as fast as possible to all corners of the globe. This big business has ushered in along side a new wave of fast, cheap, and disposable commodities. They appeal to the masses looking to gain a cultural “status quo” all the while amassing more and more for their homes and work spaces with little though on how these things are made, who made them, and the materials they are made of. This creates many problems most consumers aren’t even aware of. Besides the mountains of garbage and pollution they leave in their wake, this fundamental change in the landscape of our purchasing power has lead to objects once regarded and cherished (that one would have to save up for) to objects people pay very little attention and care to. These things have begun to lose their preciousness as the market becomes flooded and oversaturated with cheap options and as a result people are less attached to their possessions and hence find it easier to throw things away.
More now than ever before we as a society have lost that beautiful connection to the furnishings in our homes – our most sacred spaces. The place where we get to express ourselves and carve out our own hidden sanctuary from all the noise of the outside world. Most people no longer work with their hands, making the things in their homes and now with so much work being sent overseas it is so far removed and out of sight we have lost touch with the key questions we need to be asking ourselves to create a healthy, sustainable environment.
At IN.SEK we seek to challenge the current system and it’s disposable, wasteful culture. We create in the way of our ancestors with intention, an enduring spirit, and a beauty enriched by time and memories shared. We create work that is both functional and sculptural and we also consider its carbon footprint from cradle to grave. We aim to create meaningful things and inspire others around us through the love we have for making.

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In.sek Design
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