INSIDERS1 was founded 13 years ago when designer Sigal De-Mayo set out to create a uniquely fashionable line of bags and accessories that were perfectly suited to fulfill the needs of her urban lifestyle. De-Mayo drew her inspiration from the creative energy and spirit of New York City and designed the INSIDERS1 product line to mirror the unique attributes of the city itself: high quality, durable, functional and chic. The cult classic brand has expanded exceptionally well with the support of her husband, Fabio Otalora and his outstanding production and sales management. The bag and accessory lines feature the original New York collection plus a whole new world of functionally-chic bags and accessories inspired by the essence of five great European cities: Rome, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. Each INSIDERS1 piece features a digitally customized image, captured by De-Mayo herself, from the point of view of a local who is intimate with their urban space, an insider. These images are then enhanced through a sophisticated art collage process by De-Mayo and then hand-printed on the finest leather to create a unique effect that is permanent and designed to age beautifully. All INSIDERS1 products are locally made at our Brooklyn Navy Yard Factory. INSIDERS1 clients that we have customized unique lines for include: Coca-Cola, Cirque de Soleil, Disney, VH1, MTA and others. Personal known clients include: Madonna, Karen Allen, Carrie Fisher, Kimberly Richards, Richard Thomas and others.

Made in Brooklyn

63 Flushing AVE
Brooklyn, NY 11205

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