Javanese Coffee Farm and Roastery

Javanese Coffee was named after the island of Java in Indonesia, and its people whom are called Javanese. The founder’s lineage, the first coffee plantations in the world, and some of the best coffee in Indonesia originate from Java. As both farm and roaster; Javanese Coffee grows and sources only the finest specialty and reserve quality coffee in Indonesia. Javanese Coffee has and always will stand for uncompromising quality. The Javanese Coffee standard was first developed at its original farm in Java, and then continued growing by collaborating and sharing successful techniques with like minded farmers across Indonesia and the world. The result is a globally recognized award winning farm, and a network of the best farms throughout the 17,000 island Indonesian archipelago. Through our close relationships , we source the very best of any given harvest from farms on the islands of Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Flores, Bali and Papua. All our coffee has to pass hand selection and meet our extensive farm requirements, but ultimately must be a coffee that is truly noteworthy and unique.

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Javanese Coffee Farm and Roastery
25-70 Steinway St.
Queens, NY 11103

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