K Bloody Mary Mix

K Bloody Mary Mix uses a specific combination of vegan, organic, and gluten free ingredients, blended by hand to be not just spicy, but to create a distinct flavor that has body, richness, and depth. The subtle heat isn't "hot" - it's savory and stimulating to your taste buds. It's rich and bold, and you get the full essence and joy when you roll it around in your mouth as you would a great cognac or wine.

K Bloody Mary Mix is focused on quality and customer satisfaction; to that end, each small batch (40 Gallons) of mix is carefully blended with a watchful eye and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, NY. Whether you enjoy a Bloody Mary, Bloody Maria, Red Snapper, or just the mix over ice, K Bloody Mary Mix is a versatile pairing and fits everyone's palate.

K Bloody Mary Mix is a female owned business dedicated to producing the finest quality mix that is good enough not only to drink but to cook with, as well

I am a proud member of the Specialty Food Association and K Bloody Mary Mix has been featured on VegNews Magazines social media.

Made in Brooklyn

K Bloody Mary Mix
34 35th st
Brooklyn, NY 11232

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