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I started Kadidja Handmade Collection in 2015 after friends told me that the all-natural shea products I had given them as gifts were great. I have made the products for years for my family and I grew up with shea in my home in Togo, West Africa. I launched my business by making products and selling them at the local farmer's market, where people also were very happy with the products. I started supplying two local boutiques, too, where the products are regularly sold and also popular. I launched my website in 2018 and, all together, I sell about $50 worth of products weekly.

I make and sell shea products because, first, they are great for skin care - shea is a great moisturizer but it also heals damaged skin, and second because the shea I buy economically empowers West African women (I buy directly from women's groups in northern Ghana, who are paid a premium price). Shea is also very important for the environment - shea trees prevent erosion of soil where they grow and help maintain healthy soil, too. I'm passionate about sharing my cultural heritage and most proud that my products are making the world a better place through shea.

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