Hand-baked just the right size with natural, high quality, and organic ingredients, our cookies are bursting with flavor! You may want to eat the whole plate, but two may be just the right amount of splurge to be savored. These cookies are pretty too! and are wrapped with classy, fun, colorful art. Our brand is about quality, presentation, and attention to detail. Come see what the oo'ing and aa'ing is about... Oh, btw, we are eco-friendly - and use recycled or recyclable materials in our packaging. Available in six Classic flavors for now... Vanilla / Lemon / Espresso Chocolate / Chocolate Chocolate / Orange Cranberry Almond / Green Tea Perfect for teatime with friends, or as personal gifts, event favors and special occasion treats. Share, Indulge, Enjoy!

Made in Manhattan

1590 Park Avenue
Manhattan, NY 10029

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