KateKlein LLC

KateKlein designs, manufactures and markets luxurious and innovative sleep pillows. KateKlein's mission is to create the most perfect pillow possible. Starting by re-thinking what a pillow should be, we identified the 6 characteristics a pillow should deliver: it should be soft, supportive, cool, dry, pure and washable. The result is an entirely new and patented pillow design: The Loa(6) Pillow. The KateKlein Loa(6) Pillow is an entirely new kind of pillow that offers you the most comfortable and clean sleep possible. Made of the finest American and European materials, the pillows are handcrafted in New York City. The Loa(6) pillow is sold directly at www.kateklein.com.

Made in Manhattan

KateKlein LLC
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