Kelly Horrigan Handmade

KHH | Kelly Horrigan Handmade creates quality jewelry and one-of-a-kind leather accessories that combine old world techniques with experimental finishes and modern aesthetic. Pieces are designed and hand crafted using high quality leather, hand cast metals, semi-precious stones, antique beads, feathers, vintage hardware and found objects. KHH allows the personality of each material to inspire pieces that bridge pure art and high fashion. We exist to empower women to express themselves through beautiful, unique adornments that represent their strength and individuality. Kelly Horrigan Handmade was created in response to mass produced commercial fashion. Intent on reintroducing handmade, quality products in limited production. KHH makes sustainable choices by using materials that are produced in a way that minimizes harm to the environment. Each piece is created by hand using a minimum of 80% repurposed leather. Our feathers are ethically sourced.

Made in Brooklyn

Kelly Horrigan Handmade
335 Throop Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221

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