Hi, I’m Katharina, founder of K’s European Jams, a Harlem, NY made line of artisanal small-batch jams, jellies, marmalades & condiments; born in the “old world” and reimagined for today’s tastes.

With unique flavors and blends, our mission at K’s is to bring you a better jam experience and a fresh discovery of refined textures and tastes. We craft our preserves to create memorable breakfasts; to add a little extra-special deliciousness to a healthy snack; or to develop brilliant tones that complement and elevate your cheese, wine and beer pairings.

Growing up in rural Germany, and later in France, I've always loved jams. Our home had a big country garden with many fruits growing right in our backyard! My grandmother and mother, just like their ancestors, made all our preserves in our kitchen. They taught me their art and their love of crafting preserves and canning.

Now I want to give our gift to you.

I’ve updated and evolved my European techniques and heritage recipes for people who are active, inquisitive and discerning, who are seeking real flavor and taste. K’s European all-natural jams are cooked in copper pans with carefully sourced, often local seasonal fruit, rare and heirloom varieties and sometimes selected spices. Flavors emerge and with just enough sugar added to tie the essence together. From tart to sweet, bold to bright, the exquisite blends let the fruit “shine."

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The FULTON STALL INDOOR FARMERS MARKET STORE at 91 South St., bet. Fulton & John Sts., Seaport District, is open daily 11:30 am to 6:00 pm. Local foods from over 100 farmers and small-batch specialty food producers from the region and NYC in a friendly, unique community marketplace.


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