La Newyorkina LLC

La Newyorkina's mission is to share the sweetness of Mexico; We also strive to create the kind of company that people want to be a part of, support, work for, and partner with. We have tried to build a strong local community in the relationships we have with customers, growers and anyone else that is involved. It is also important to us to support Mexico as much as I can by promoting and educating, by sharing a rich (and delicious) part of the culture and by giving back. Everything we make is handmade from scratch in small batches, using the best ingredients we can get our hands on. We never use any artificial flavorings or colorings. We carefully source our ingredients, working closely with farmers in NY and nearby to get delicious organic dairy, seasonal fruits and herbs. Other ingredients that don’t grow around New York like Mexican vanilla beans, Oaxacan chocolate, tamarind, dried chiles, passion fruit and hibiscus are imported. We spend a lot of time making sure we get the best ingredients available and working with small producers in Mexico, as we believe it is very important to support them as well. From the beginning we have been committed to social and environmental responsibility. We continuously strive to become a waste-free company. We compost our scraps, use recycled containers and napkins, and source much of our packaging locally.

Made in Brooklyn

Factory tours - 9AM to 5 PM

La Newyorkina LLC
61 Commerce St
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240 Sullivan St
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