Once upon a time while searching for the perfect baby shower gift for a fashion-forward mama-to-be, inspiration hit! Eco-friendly and chic seemed to be mutually exclusive and so LexyPexy was born. Very aware of how plastic, although practical, is also heavy with chemicals and toxins, it’s been my personal mission to drastically reduce its use in my own everyday life. When I decided to start LexyPexy, it was clear that my teethers and toys would be entirely safe for babies: BPA-free, chemical free, completely non-toxic. After researching safe alternatives to plastic I discovered that wood – yes, wood – is the best thing a tiny person can put in their mouths since it’s non-toxic, non-allergenic, naturally antibacterial, and non-splintering! Safe and eco-friendly was not enough, though: I also wanted something modern, chic, and irresistibly adorable and made locally. My first designs were based on my favorite fashion accessories, but I’ve received such amazing feedback from moms, dads, and friends of little ones that I have since expanded the LexyPexy line, started an LLC, and launched www.lexypexy.com!

Retail Stores

Marché maman
237 Centre St
New York, NY
Manhattan, NY 10013
Pink Olive East Village
4938, 439 E 9th St
New York, NY
Manhattan, NY 10009
Pink Olive West Village
30 Charles St
New York, NY
Manhattan, NY 10014

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