Littlejohn New York designs, produces and sells premium leather accessories which are the perfect solution for home storage or bringing carrying products and gear with you. They’re ideal for flower, vape items and even edibles.

Each piece is handcrafted using rich top-grain or full-grain leather.
They are constructed with my unique five-layer smell-proof technology which uses mesh, activated carbon, non-woven filters , air-tight seam construction and sealed rubber zippers to conceal the scent of any-thing placed inside.
What’s more, they features durable protective padding to preserve anything placed inside.

Retail Stores

Our product is also in 6 other retail locations which include ;
New England Treatment Access, Brookline MA
Silver Therapeutics Dispensary, Williamstown MA
Emporium Tobacco and Gift, Great Barrington MA
Upstate Hemp Co, Rochester NY

345A 14th St, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Marc Littlejohn