Lukas Lighting

What we make, we make by hand. Customized. So fittingly, what we make is almost always born from gestures. From inspired sketches by lighting designers. From insightful descriptions of what the space is meant to evoke, by the architects. We capture the energy of those gestures, and bring them to life. We assist the design community from dreams to conceptual drawings to engineering and manufacturing, using the latest technologies. We exist because we do what other companies can't, or won't. What we do, we have done for more than 30 years. For residential, hospitality and corporate interiors. Our customized lighting has life because it is made by hand. Because it is born from a process that is deeply and fundamentally human. This is not a catalog of products. It's a portfolio of capabilities. A leaping-off point for your imagination. Let's make something brilliant together.

Made in Queens

Lukas Lighting
40-20 22nd St.
Queens, NY 11101

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