Marrs Makers

Marrs Makers is a local fashion brand creating modern heirlooms that integrate into one’s own personal style and story. We deliver innovative, thoughtfully designed and engineered products made in NYC. Focused on quality construction and finishing with attention to fit and customization, Marrs Makers offers distinctive, foundational pieces. Our brand philosophy is in step with global efforts to reduce excessive waste across the fashion industry by manufacturing limited production runs and sourcing the finest materials locally. In March 2020, Marrs Makers began making pleated face masks for the oldest apparel manufacturer in America to help supply the US Navy and first responders during the pandemic. Marrs Makers current offering is comprised of designer leather wallets, necklaces, shoe accessories, bandanas and face masks in heritage fabrics. We recently launched a pilot with local schools providing a turnkey solution for custom-fitting children with reusable face masks made locally.

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