Meghan Patrice Riley

Meghan Patrice Riley creates sculptural jewelry that is engineered for wearability, durability and travel using hypoallergenic materials such as our signature nylon-coated stainless steel cable wire mixed with fine metals and semiĀ­ precious stones.

Each MPR Jewelry by Meghan Patrice Riley piece is fabricated by hand in Brooklyn, NY, The collections are modern and bold but balanced with a fine line that creates a lightweight, draped drawing effect while worn.

Each element is handfabricated using a mixture of soldering, cold-connection techniques, and textile techniques applied to metal. Designing with the overall principles of proportion, scale and symmetry, MPR finds inspiration in interpreting materials and creating new connection techniques. She experiments with quotidian materials like miniature, structural cabling used in suspension bridges to create collections that are influenced by industrial materials and engineering but are ultimately feminine and wearable . The sculptural collections find the extraordinary in the ordinary,

Using sterling silver and gold fill tubing with nylon-coated steel wire as fiber; small segments are hand formed to create geometric shapes that are lightweight, flexible, and adapt to the wearer. Geometric shapes were chosen as the foundation because they are simple, basic, and elementary but can be expounded on to create multi -dimensional forms. Each form acts like a link to interconnect with other forms creating an even 1arger metal tapestry; the resulting pieces are extremely light, web-like structures that have glints of precious metal connectors amongst the flexible metal cabling.

The MPR mission is to create sustainable, modern accessories with a focus on contemporary design for the modern person. The use of hypoallergenic materials and forward-thinking design is at the heart of our mission to create future heirlooms that are modern as well as functional. Handfabricated in Brooklyn, NY from domestically-sourced materials.

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Meghan Patrice Riley