Melimel is a New York based, contemporary line of cut and sew tops featuring original artwork by sole artist, designer and owner Melissa Santos. All artwork is originally done in a variety of media including oil paint, graphite, and etching. The artwork is then printed onto each garment using a unique printing process. All garments are proudly made in Brooklyn, New York í¢ä‰åäóìI am an artist who studied fashion; so of course my Melimel line is the perfect blend of both worlds. The concept began in late 2010. I finally opened up my company in 2011. Since then I have been planning and working hard to turn these dreams into reality. I experienced some downfalls and road blocks along the way; but we learn from our mistakes. Now in 2013 Melimel is up and running! This line represents me as a person. Everything I feel, the things in this world that intrigue me, and the way that I think are embodied throughout my line. The í¢ä‰å

Made in Brooklyn

51 Eldert Street #203
Brooklyn, NY 11207

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