Mister Bandana

Mister Bandana is a purveyor of hand-crafted, 100% cotton, USA-built bandanas. We make bandana-wearing a contact sport, with tropical, southwestern, great outdoors, and traditional Old West designs that grab you and don't let go.

Some important facts about Mister Bandana: we are based in NYC, we are a proudly LGBT-owned company, and until summer 2020, we ran the company out of a 400-square foot apartment in the East Village! We’re proud to now house our World Headquarters on Broadway and 30th Street.

Our bandanas are entirely made in the USA, and many of them are printed, cut, sewn, and assembled right here in NYC's Garment District. We work with a fantastic network of small businesses and craftspeople in the Five Boroughs and across the country.

Every one of our bandanas contains the All-American ingredients of diversity, freedom, opportunity, hard work, respect, and fearlessness. When you’re wearing Mister Bandana, you’re up for anything!

Made in Manhattan

Our showroom at 30th and Broadway is open to wholesalers by appointment. Email us at hello@misterbandana.com.

Mister Bandana
1216 Broadway
Manhattan, NY 10001

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Josh and Roko, Co-Founders