Modos Furniture

We are unconventional; we think products should last a lifetime and change with your life. The Modos philosophy is, be friendly. We strive to make furniture that’s user-friendly through tool-free assembly and disassembly, friendly to the urban dweller that moves year to year through reconfigurable designs, think Lego. All of our products are handmade in the USA and designed with love in Brooklyn. Custom furniture is now quick and easy through our online 3D customizer. Our products are designed to be friendly to the environment through the use of durable, sustainably harvested materials, aluminum connectors made from recycled content that are easily recyclable. The furniture system is designed to reduce waste; we’re achieving basically just sawdust from the board and connector manufacturing. Modos Furniture wants everyone’s life to be filled with beautiful furniture that makes their lives easier and simpler while supporting local communities and embracing the environment.

Made in Brooklyn

Tours of New Lab and the Modos Furniture studio are available, plus you will be able to test out the connectors and furniture for yourself.

Modos Furniture
19 Morris Ave., Bldg 128
Brooklyn, NY, NY 11205

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Matt Tyson
(718) 200-9220