na2ure was founded in NYC by RISD artist/designer/inventor Alex Wolf as a way to celebrate and de-mystify biodiversity through the kind of design which engages a diversity of ages to play together. Dr. Vijal Parikh, cofounder, is a psychiatrist also fascinated with he people of all ages learn. Together, our work has been researched for upcoming work for UNICEF, and is currently in use at NASA nature-based AI.

na2ure has two complementary animal games for a transmedia experience for children and learners of all ages. Ani-gram-it, comes in board game and card game formats and challenges children to “construct” animals with anatomical parts in game play: limbs + wings + beak + eyes = bird. Our iOS app ferret, allows children to explore the animal kingdom through a series of taps and swipes using our Periodic Table for Zoology, and “deconstruct” the animal chosen. Analog to digital, construct to deconstruct, forwards and backwards, these award-winning games help you get your animals right.

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