na2ure is a line of eco-friendly, elegantly designed physical and digital games that teach science through play. Because we believe that all children are inherently smart, we activate their intelligence by giving them the tools to reliably absorb and remember all they see and learn. na2ure was founded by artist, designer, inventor and thought-leader Alex Wolf as a way to celebrate and de-mystify biodiversity through excellent design. Fueled by this vision to design science play, and supported by years of experience in science and design, Alex has developed a game-changing platform that classifies ecological data into an intuitive network that can be easily learned through play. The platform can be formatted for both physical and digital games, providing a unique, transmedia experience for children and learners of all ages. As of Spring 2014, na2ure has two games. Our digital game, ferret, allows children to explore the animal kingdom through a series of taps and swipes. Our physical game, Ani-gram-it, comes in board game and card game formats and challenges children to "spell" animal anatomy using their features. True to our vision, ferret and Ani-gram-it are both elegant, intuitive and fun games that feed young minds with the knowledge they crave.

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