New York Binding Co., Inc.

New York Binding Co., Inc is a 5th generation textile manufacturing company in New York City. For almost 100 years, we have been offering our binding, pleating slitting and stitching services to clients around the world. We work with everyone from small startups to established designers, and its not uncommon to see our products adorning Fashion on the runway or on items in big box stores. Our services are not just limited to the apparel industry, we work on projects including home furnishing, event planning, even pet fashion and theatre. No project is to large or too small for our team of skilled artisans and collection of machinery, from century old to computer operated. Anyone working with Textiles can benefit from our ability to convert material into something else, from the most straight forward T-shirt binding to beautiful flowing pleats and detailed fancy trims. We look forward to working with you!

Made in Queens

Factory tours by appointment only

New York Binding Co., Inc.
21-21 41st Ave
Queens, NY 11101