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NINEHOPE brand represents hope and positivity. My creativity is inspired by the Zen philosophy of pursuing balance of life. We all had been through difficulties in our lives, things don't always turn out the way we'd hoped, planned or expected. I really want to convert the negative energy into positive energy. I took the elements from the Zen world and created modern and elegant fine jewelry. Jewelry is a symbol and icon that people can wear forever which make them feel good, protective and empowered. Our goal is to offer a jewelry collection that reflects the lifestyle choices of the wearer. People are looking for energy, strength in their lives. People wish good things would happen in their lives. The collection provides a daily reminder of the balance we seek in our daily lives. NINEHOPE has grown into a beautiful design destination of feel-good jewelery that inspires women and men to express their spirit through their personal style. Using 100% eco-friendly precious metals and imported conflict-free diamonds, each piece is handcrafted from our jewelry workshop in diamond district New York City. Our master jewelers and polishers have over 30 years experiences worked for fine jewelry industry. We proudly ensure both quality control and a culture that supports local talent and better business practices. It's a viewpoint that has attracted like-minded, stylish and unique individuals to the company.

Made in Brooklyn

Factory tours: M-F 10-6

ninehope inc
172 Havemeyer st
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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