Norwegian Baked

After being inspired by an aunt\'s baking in Norway, I started making crispbread, or as we call it in Norway: knekkebrod for friends in Brooklyn a few years ago. I was delighted to find that everyone loved it, and in March 2016 I launched Norwegian Baked. Crispbread is not only addictively delicious, but nutritious as it\'s made with whole grains and packed with seeds - all organic, and vegan, and full of fiber and protein. People love to eat our crispbread alongside a salad or soup, or as a cracker with cheese, or on its own as a wholesome snack.

Made in Brooklyn

Norwegian Baked
543 45th street apt 3
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Retail Stores

Hillar & Moon
814 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11215
410 6th Ave
Manhattan, NY 10011
Great Northern Foodhall
89 E 42nd St
Manhattan, NY 10017
Lucy\'s Whey New York
1417 Lexington Ave
Manhattan, NY 10128
Bklyn Larder
228 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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